First ever solo album from Vince Clarke

'Songs Of Silence' is the first ever solo album from Yazoo's Vince Clarke. The album will be released on November 17th.

Vince Clarke is about to release his first ever solo album. The title is ‘Songs Of Silence’ – a nod to Simon & Garfunkel, his favourite songwriters of all time.

The album, out on November 17th on Mute Records, contains 10 new tracks, composed for the album. According to Erasures official newsletter, “it is utterly unlike anything he has released before”.

As the album title suggests, Songs of Silence is a lyric-less, instrumental album. For the creation of the record Vince set himself two rules – first that the sounds he himself generated for the album would come solely from Eurorack (a modular synthesizer format introduced in the mid-’90s) and secondly that each track would be based around one note, maintaining a single key throughout.

“I could have gone on forever, I could have not stopped,” explains Vince in the press release.

“I was enjoying the process so much and wasn’t thinking about anyone else hearing it. But hearing it develop in my studio, in my head, learning new tricks – that’s been the best thing.”

The album is release on both CD and heavyweight vinyl. The catalogue number is STUMM500. Amazing.

Songs of Silence is already available for preorder at Mute.


  1. Cathedral
  2. White Rabbit
  3. Passage
  4. Imminent
  5. Red Planet
  6. The Lamentations of Jeremiah
  7. Mitosis
  8. Blackleg
  9. Scarper
  10. Last Transmission
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