Listen to Vinces collaboration with Hifi Sean & David McAlmont

Vince has "Clarke-i-fied" the track 'Real Thoughts In Real Time' from Hifi Sean & David McAlmont's 'Happy Ending' album.

It’s been pretty quiet from Vince since Erasure had to cancel their Neon World Tour due to personal reasons. He does find time to work, though. The latest evidence is the track ‘Real Thoughts In Real Time’ from Hifi Sean & David McAlmont, which Mr. Clarke himself have been producing. As if anyone who listens to the track would ever be in doubt.

The track originates from Hifi Sean & David McAlmont’s ‘Happy Ending’ album which was released earlier this year. The new Vince Clarke Version is released as a digital single.

Of course there is also a video for ‘Real Thoughts In Real Time (Vince Clarke Version)’, but unfortunately he is not to be seen. Please visit Hifi Sean & David McAlmont via this link for further information.

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