Poster (33,4 x 23,7 inch)

Rare 1982 Yazoo poster (33,4 x 23,7 inch) with photograph by legacy 70s & 80s Dutch pop/rock/jazz photographer Peter Mazèl.

Extremely rare poster from 1982. I have seen this only twice. In 1983 I found it in a poster shop in Copenhagen. The first time it appeared in an add, was in Smash Hits in march 1983. The add can be seen below:

In 2021 I managed to get hold of a copy from eBay. My advice if you want it: create an eBay alert for “yazoo poster”. It took me several years, but I managed to get it.

This particular poster on the picture above is framed, because it is hanging on my wall. Sorry about the reflections …

My order from eBay.

Pieter ‘Peter’ Mazèl was a Dutch photographer. Sadly he died in 1996, but his daughter still takes photographs, and both her and her fathers photos can be seen on her website.

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