Formats7″, 12″
LabelSire Records
Cat no.7-29953 (7″), 0-99500 (12″)
Recorded atBlackwing Studios
Produced byVince Clarke, Eric Radcliffe and Daniel Miller
Remixed byFrancois Kevorkian
Sleeve designRocking Rick Lego
Release datePrecise date unkown

About …

The story goes that the american record company wanted to release Situation as a single in the states. They even wanted Francois Kevorkian to remix the single, which Vince didn’t find a good idea. The remix(es) became a huge hit in the club scene and paved way for Yazoo in America. Vince eventually accepted the fact that remixes could add to his songwriting, and during the rest of the 1980’s Mute was a spearhead in releasing remixes done by third party.

Yazoo had to change their name in America to Yaz, due to copyright reasons. In October, predating the Guided Tour, Vince and Alison played three live dates in New York at Ritz (two nights) and Paradise Garage.

Fun facts …

  • The Yazoo / Yaz copyright claim came after the printing of the first batch of records, so it is possible to find records with their full name and records with only Yaz written on them.
ASituation (Clarke/ Moyet)3:44
BSituation (Dub Version) (Clarke/Moyet) 3:13
C *Situation 5:40
D *Situation (Dub Version)5:45
* On the 12″ only.

Chart history

According to Wikipedia, the song peaked at number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US, and hit the top 40 in Canadian charts, peaking at number 31.

In late-summer 1982 it became Yazoo’s first song to top the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, remaining at number one on this chart for four weeks. It also crossed over to the Black Singles chart, peaking at number 31.



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