Three Pieces CD edition officially announced

Today the CD edition of Four Pieces – named Three Pieces – has been made available for pre-order, together with an official announcement on the exact content of the box. And though the tracklisting will be exactly identical to the vinyl edition, Three Pieces will cointain 3xCDs and will be houses in a hard-back mediabook with a 32 page booket containing lyriks and photos. The posters and artcards is limited to the vinyl box set.

Three Pieces will be released friday November 2nd 2018 and the price is 20 english pound – considerably cheaper than the 75 pund vinyl box set. Both sets can be pre-ordered via this link to Lexermusic.

The contents of the three CDs are as follows:

CD1 – Upstairs At Eric’s
Don’t Go
Too Pieces
Bad Connection
I Before E Except After C
In My Room
Only You
Goodbye ’70s
Winter Kills
Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)

CD2 – You And Me Both
Nobody’s Diary
Softly Over
Sweet Thing
Mr. Blue
Good Times
Walk Away From Love
Ode To Boy
Happy People
And On

CD3 – Eight Remixes & Two BBC Sessions
Nobody’s Diary – Extended Version
Situation – Richard X Remix
Don’t Go – Remix
Only You – Orchestral Mix
Situation – The Aggressive Attitude Mix (Youth)
Don’t Go – Tee’s TNT Radio Mix (Toddy Terry)
State Farm – Madhouse Mix Edit
Winter Kills – Minute Taker Remix*
Don’t Go [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
Midnight [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
In My Room [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
Winter Kills [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I) [David Jensen BBC Session, September 1982] In My Room [David Jensen BBC Session, Sept 1982] Situation [David Jensen BBC Session, Sept 1982]*
Too Pieces [David Jensen BBC Session, Sept 1982]*

* Previously Unreleased

Format: 3xCD Deluxe Album
Catalogue Number: YAZCDBX01
Label: BMG / Mute Records

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