Three Pieces

Formats3 x CD
LabelMute Records
Cat no.YAZCDBX01
Release date2 november 2018

About …

‘Three Pieces’ is essentially the same release as the four vinyl boxset ‘Four Pieces’, only this is released on three compact discs instead. By popular demand Mute / BMG had to hurry and release this CD version a few after the release of the vinyl box.

The set contains both Yazoo albums (Upstairs at Eric’s and You and Me Both) as well as an extra cd with remixes and previously unavailable live recordings.

Three Pieces is designed as a “book” with graphics, lyrics, photos and text (Paul Colbert’s programme notes for Yazoos Guide Tour in November 1982). The poster and art prints from the vinyl release is not present.

1-1Don’t Go3:10
1-2Too Pieces3:14
1-3Bad Connection3:21
1-4I Before E Except After C4:42
1-6In My Room3:50
1-7Only You3:15
1-8Goodbye 70’s2:37
1-10Winter Kills4:04
1-11Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)4:40
2-1Nobody’s Diary4:31
2-2Softly Over4:02
2-3Sweet Thing3:43
2-4Mr. Blue3:27
2-5Good Times4:22
2-6Walk Away From Love3:19
2-7Ode To Boy3:37
2-10Happy People2:58
2-11And On3:13
3-1Nobody’s Diary (Extended Version)6:09
3-2Situation (Richard X Remix)5:52
3-3Don’t Go (Re-Mix)4:09
3-4Only You (2017 Orchestral Version)3:14
3-5Situation (The Aggressive Attitude Mix)6:55
3-6Don’t Go (Tee’s TNT Radio Mix)3:22
3-7State Farm (Madhouse Mix Edit)3:21
3-8Winter Kills (Minute Taker Remix)4:37
3-9Don’t Go (John Peel Session)2:35
3-10Midnight (John Peel Session)4:24
3-11In My Room (John Peel Session)4:41
3-12Winter Kills (John Peel Session)5:00
3-13Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I) (David Jensen Session)3:44
3-14In My Room (David Jensen Session)4:04
3-15Situation (David Jensen Session)4:18
3-16Too Pieces (David Jensen Session)2:26

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