Vince Clarke shares new track ‘White Rabbit’

'White Rabbit' is the second release from the forthcoming 'Songs of Silence' solo album. Watch the video now.

The New track, ‘White Rabbit’ is described by Mute as “relentless sequencer pattern, crashing ignitions, and gradual acceleration culminating in tribal drums”. As it was the case with ‘The Lamentations Of Jeremiah’, the track is lyric-less.

It comes accompanied by a video with animation by Daniele Arcuri, looking at the darkness surrounding our relationship with technology. Arcuri explains:

“I wanted to openly address the themes of hyper-connectivity, anxiety, apathy, and voyeurism towards others’ suffering. This video is a bold and thought-provoking reflection on how technology is eerily shaping our existence, and  challenges viewers to contemplate the human cost of an ever-connected world.”

‘Songs of Silence’ will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally via Mute on 17 November 2023. In addition, Vince Clarke’s debut solo performance has been confirmed for the LSE, London on Friday 17 November, with a Rough Trade East Q&A confirmed for Sunday 19 November.

Pre-order Songs of Silence:

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