Vince Clarke single released on 7″ clear vinyl

Limited edition 7" of 'The Lamentations Of Jeremiah' released on clear vinyl by Electronic Sound Magazine.

Vince Clarke features on the cover of the latest edition of Electronic Sound Magazine. More interesting though, is the accompanying 7″ vinyl, which is only available with the physical edition of the magazine.

Pressed on clear vinyl, the A-side is ‘The Lamentations Of Jeremiah’, the first track to be released from the forthcoming Songs Of Silence album. The B-side, however is a non-album track called ‘The Cave’, which doesn’t appear on the album and isn’t currently available elsewhere.

Electronic Sound Magazine describes ‘The Cave’ as “dark and dreamlike, with ghostly echoes swirling ominously, it’s reminiscent of the Berlin School of electronics, particularly the work of Klaus Schulze”.

Collectors beware: This 7″ release will probably be sold out soon. You can order a copy, while available, directly from Electronic Sound Magazine. The prize is 13,99 GBP, equivalent of around 16 euro.

Here is a direct link.

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