Vince collaborates with Jean Michel Jarre

Vince Clarke is featured on Jean Michel Jarres upcoming album ‘E-project’ with the track ‘Automatic’. In the video above you can hear the two pioneers talk about working together as well as a snippet of the track. Very promising. As an extra bonus there is a few clips from Vinces New York residence and the studio in his basement.

‘E-project’ will be released in october and features collaborations with a lot of influential electronic musicians; 3D (Massive Attack), M83, Tangerine Dream, Gesaffelstein and Vince to name the few who has been revealed. It’s possible to preorder the album on iTunes now and you will get four of the tracks (though not ‘Automatic’ unfortunately) right now.

Vince better half Tracey Hurley actually revealed that something was going on between Vince and Jarre when she published this photo of Jarre and Oscar (Vince and Traceys son) on her Instagram account …

Oscar with the legendary Jean Michel Jarre

Et billede slÄet op af Tracy Hurley Martin (@tracyhmartin) den

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